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Webshop order statuses

When an order comes in from the webshop or is added in exPub admin, it will have various statuses depending on how far in the order process it is. Below is a list of all statuses and their meaning. If your order-system is using the warehouse module, comments are marked [comment]

Order status

  • Draft: The order is managed by a user and is not ready for packing. [The order will not be visible in warehouse module.]
  • Completed: The order is received from an online shopper or if internal order, it is ready to be packed. In this status it is visible in warehouse module.
  • Processing:
  • Ready to invoice: At this status the order is in a status where you can generate an invoice.

Shipping Status

  • Not yet shipped: The goods are not yet sent from the warehouse.
  • Shipped: The goods are already sent from the warehouse.
  • Shipping not required: The products does not require shipping as it can be a downloadable product or delivered through other means.

Payment status

  • Pending:
  • Authorized:
  • Paid:
  • Partially Refunded:
  • Refunded:
  • Voided:
  • Not paid: