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Product Import

We have created an Excel file import where you can list your products and send to us for direct import. This import can be used with new products or update current products.

Note: All products and values in the excel will get all data overwritten. Fields not in this excel file will not be affected.

Available fields

Field NameRequiredComments
ProductIdNoUnique product id for existing products. If new product, use 0. If ProductId is empty, we will try to use SKU or EAN to find ProductId. If new variant to existing product, ProductId is required. If no ProductId Is provided on New Variant, the variant will not be imported.
ProductNameYesName of product
VariantNameYesName of the product variant
LanguageIdYesEnglish: en, Norwegian: no, Swedish: sv, Danish: da, German: de, Thai: th
SKUNoStock Keeping Unit. Your internal product code.
EANNoBarcode number
PriceYesSelling price in current webshop including or excluding VAT. VAT specified in separate field. Can be 0. Can be up to 4 decimal
SuggestedRetailPriceNoIf whoesale, this price will be shown as suggested retail price. Price include VAT
SupplierPriceNoThe price you buy this product for from your suppliers. Can be in shop currency or purchase currency. If purchase currency, specify currency in SupplierPriceCurrency.
SupplierPriceCurrencyNoUSD = 1, THB = 2, NOK = 3, EUR = 4, GBP = 6, DKK = 7, SEK = 8, CNY = 12, JPY = 18
CompanyIdYesSuppliers internal Id in exPub
IncludedTaxYes0 = Not include VAT, 1 = Include VAT
ShowOnWebshopYes0 = Not show on webshop, 1 = Show on webshop
BackOrderPermittedYes0 = Not permitted, 1 = Permitted. This field indicate whether a product will be available for order in webshop if sold out from stock.
CategoryIdNoAdd one category id per product


Sample Excel Product Import