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How to control links to a Facebook status update

When you are sharing a link on your Facebook profile or Facebook page, you have the option to control what text to be automatically displayed. You will need to use the Meta tags area in exPub to set this.

  • Title: Facebook will take the title of your page and use this as a title in the status message. Set the Meta Title for the page (menu), article, product. property or other with the text you want to display. You should keep the title at less than 70 characters.
  • Description: Facebook will use the Meta Description for the message text. If you have not set a meta description, Facebook will do it's best to find the most likely text. The description in meta tag should be less than 150 characters. Any longer than that will get cut off.
  • Image: You can also set a default image for the site by adding this link into the Site Settings -> Extra Header Tag area: <link rel=”image_src” href=”” /> (Replace the link with a link to your image.)

If someone has already posted a status update related to a page and you do not want to use the text available in the cache of Facebook, you can clear the content by using this link: