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Product Search

General Criteria

  • Current site and also related sites that webshop have linked products from.
  • If current site has linked products from another webshop, search will also check that all products must belong to a category item.
  • If products are not linked, search will not check category item.
  • Search only current language.
  • Only searching products that are active and not marked as deleted.

Rank Criteria

There are 2 groups of ranks. Result will be sorted by rank first, to give the most important match highest priority.

Rank 1

  • Product Name, based on a partial string match.
  • Product SKU must be an exact match. (This criteria is deprecated but need to support some old webshops)
  • Variant SKU and EAN must be an exact match.

Rank 2

  • Product short and full description can be a partial match on words.
  • Product name, short description and full description that are similar to the search keywords. This criteria will try to get results that are misspelled or has a sounds that are similar to the products.