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How to give names to files

Files like images and PDF can be used for your SearchEngine Optimization (SEO) in a smart way and here is how you do it:

  • Name a file before you upload it to something related. If it is a picture of a swimmingpool on a house for sale; give it a file-name like swimmingpool-house1.jpg and a title like "Swimmingpool in front of the house". Here you get two keywords repeated two times: "swimmingpool" and "house".
  • In file names, use only English language characters (a-z) and numbers (0-9). You can also use - (hyphen) and _ (underscore). Do NOT use space or any other character as it is not supported by all browsers and operating systems.

When you upload a file to exPub, the software will add a number at the end of the filename to make it unique.

PS! Underscore is not recommended as Google considers all the words linked together with this as one word. Hyphen is a better option.